The 1st Lt. Tyler Parten Memorial Fund
Was founded to honor his memory and passion for helping children.

“Many of my missions revolve around civil affairs; bringing projects like running water and electricity to places that have never had such luxuries. While doing the assessments, I get to interact with the locals and otherwise try to put a friendly face to the American name. I’ve had many opportunities to interact with the children, whom I believe are the future of this country, so I always to take the time to show them a little affection. I can’t tell you how much of a blessing these opportunities are. I'm convinced that if we can win their hearts and improve their lives, maybe it'll all be worth it.”

With your generous support we will be able to keep Tyler’s passion for children alive by annually assisting U.S. organizations serving children in poverty-stricken and war-torn countries therefore promoting peace one child at a time. This was his belief.

Below are some photos with Tyler's words about them while in Afghanistan.

Remembering 1st Lt. Tyler E. parten
Tyler was an avid traveler, a top 10% 2007 graduate of West Point, fluent in Arabic, played guitar and piano, loved music and life. He was also a humanitarian. He was particularly concerned for the well-being of children in all the countries he visited.

The foundation will be used to promote peace, one child at a time.
While in Afghanistan, shortly before his death in September of 2009, Tyler wrote to his family in an e-mail:
making friends...
when I asked them to guide me around their village they were incredibly excited to show me around
trying to break the ice with the kiddos...
...they started to open up when i pulled out some candy...
this was quite a warm moment :)
While we were conducting security for a local government meeting, I pulled out a harmonica and started playing for the kids. 10 minutes after this picture was taken were no less than 20 of them asking me to teach them how to play!
They had just gotten out of school, so I had them teach me what they learned. Then I gave them some math problems in Arabic script...they quickly surprised me by how much they knew at such a young age.
The future of Afghanistan. I'm convinced that if we can win their hearts and improve their lives, maybe it'll all be worth it.